•  Hachita, New Mexico, some history

Hachita, Grant County, New Mexico began as a settlement of miners in the Little Hatchet Mountains. These mountains were long known for deposits of turquoise and then, in 1877, A. H. Butterfield made strikes of lead, copper and silver. As others staked claims around his, the Eureka Mining District grew.

By 1882 Hachita's population was 300. The first Hachita post office was opened. But by 1898, the mines had mostly played out and the people were gone. The post office was closed. In the early 1900's, tracks were laid about 9 miles east of the Eureka District in the flat and open Hachita Valley. Trains were to carry passengers, freight and ore from Douglas to El Paso! Those few still at old Hachita moved to the railroad junction and brought the name Hachita with them. Thus present-day new Hachita was established.
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